Latino Flamenco Pop

Musical styles are often partitioned, particularly in France.

For example, a rock lover does not necessarily listen to salsa
a reggae fan will not be a flamenco aficionado ….

Based on this observation, the musicians of PyA have developed a part of their repertory, around English and American songs, in Latino flamenco covers.

For several years this recipe has been working and it has allowed PyA to satisfy and bring together a heterogeneous audience in terms of musical styles.

  • Pop lovers will be pleasantly surprised by Lost on you, Hotel California, Fragile or All night long in a Latin flamenco version.
  • The salsa dancer will be able to practice his art on pieces usually reserved for pop rock fans.
  • The rumba flamenca aficionado will find « flamenco guitar technics » in the PyA’ covers
    Punto y Aparte will continue to apply this Latino Flamenco Pop recipe, for its own compositions that are being created.